Show topic as completed on a graphic organizer menu

Hi Folks,

Maybe I'll be able to figure this out on my own, but I'd love to have any helpful advice in case I'm missing something. I want my graphic organizer menu to display as "completed" once the learner has completed that section.

I was able to reverse engineer this in a course I'm updating, but I am having trouble duplicating the functionality on a new course. Here's what I've done. My graphic organizer menu is a single image. So, I created:

  1. Buttons to access each topic/section.
  2. A shape to overlay each button which supports a change in state.
  3. A "Done" state for each shape with a check mark to display as visited.
  4. A trigger for each shape to show the Done state on the Condition of TopicDone=True.
  5. A trigger to the end of each topic to adjust the variable to the specific topicDone condition when the timeline starts for that final topic slide.

The result is I get ALL topics checked when I return to the graphic menu after completing the first topic. Blah. This worked fine in my other course, but I must be missing a key setting, etc here.

Hope someone has come across this or can noodle it for me.

Thanks in advance!


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Tammy Knoll-Anderson

Yes I am. I'm thinking it might have to do with how I've set up the variable. I've included a screen shot of the topic trigger and one that shows the menu specifics including the states of one of the objects and the slide triggers. Let me know if you see anything else there. Thanks!

Tammy Knoll-Anderson

I suppose I'm a bit confused about where to change the variable to false. The states that show as available for me are Done, Normal, or Hidden. Done shows the check mark, but Normal and Hidden do not. I tried using the Initial state as either Normal or Hidden and get the same result. I just tried creating a new state called False, but got the same result. I'm just missing something simple I'm sure. Thanks for your help!

Tammy Knoll-Anderson

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!T Thank you to all! I greatly appreciate all your help. BUT, need to give credit where credit is due. Ed pointed me to the variables menu which WAS the key piece I was missing. You rock!

Michael got me moved along the right path and I'm sure Ashley's tutorials would have gotten me there, but Thank You ED for giving me the missing key detail!

You are all marvelous and I'm greatly appreciative!