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I was wondering if it's possible to show the user where they have clicked. I have developed an interaction where the user has to click 3 points on the screen, then press Submit to see if they are correct. It is working as it should.

However, because they don't get a visual indication that they have clicked the screen, some users think that the interaction isn't working. Any ideas what I could do to show the user where they have clicked?


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Nuala Connolly

Hi Michael,

Thank you for replying. I had thought of that, and that will work if the user selects the correct spots. However I'm not sure how that would work if they click the wrong places - would that not mean that they get a visual indication of what the right answer is rather than where they actually clicked?

Also, I want all three to be selected so don't think I need a button set? (But not completely au-fait with button sets so maybe I do lol)

Ned Whiteley

Hi Nuala,

In the attached version of your original file I have added Selected states to each of your hotspots and also added three other hotspots with Selected states for the main barrel of each syringe, which register as incorrect answers.

When the user selects either the tip or the barrel of the syringe, they immediately get feedback due to the Selected state of the hotspot. Note that Selected states do not require triggers to activate them as they are built-in states in Storyline.

The only other change I made was to add three additional triggers that set the state of the additional hotspots to Normal when the Model Answer button is selected on the Incorrect layer. Note that it is important to reset these to the Normal state before jumping to the Model Answer layer, otherwise any that have been selected will still show up when the Model Answer is visible, which may confuse the user.

Hope this helps.