Showing a button only after a learner has viewed a section -- please help. :)


I'm trying to create the opportunity for a learner to return to a section and review the material and then jump back to the Objectives Review slide once the section has been reviewed. In this situation, I have a Module with 3 objectives. The Objective Review slide appears after the demonstration for all 3 objectives.

I have a Return button next to each objective on the Objective Review slide, and I've created a variable for each button that should adjust it from False to True once the learner has clicked on the button. Then on the final slide of the first objective, I have created a layer with a button to return to the Objective Review slide and set a trigger to show that button on condition that the variable is true. But it never displays. I don't want the learner to have to go through all 3 objectives for the final module if they only need to review one section. Any thoughts? I'm new to working with variables in Storyline, so I'm not entirely sure that I did it correctly.

I've attached an example of what I'm trying to do. Please forgive its ugliness. :)

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Katie Armstrong

Thanks Terry, but I'm not sure that meets my needs. I don't want the Return to Review button to show the the first time the learner goes through the objective because they haven't reached the Review slide yet (or seen the other objectives). So I want it to be hidden until the learner has gone through all of the objectives and they are just reviewing them. 

Basically, I have it set up where the learner views all of the objectives in a module, answers a few short quiz questions for the module, and then has the opportunity to return to each objective based on how they did on the quiz questions. But I don't want to force them to go through all of the objectives again if they only want to review one of them, so I need a way for them to jump back to the Review slide after each objective. 

I'm probably overcomplicating this. :)

Terry Coe

you can use that main menu slide to let the learner choose which objective to go through, or chose to go through the quiz. 

Thats what I have done in my courses lately. Let the learner have access to the quiz, and all the objectives right from the start. If they can get through the quiz without going through the objectives, Great! Otherwise, the quiz will reveal to them the areas that they need to freshen up on. then make sure they dont get completion until they pass the quiz. Its much more efficient than making the learner go through things they might actually know already, and creates the motivation to pay attention to the parts they didnt do well on.

What you are describing sounds like the course review option in the test results slide. This lets the learner go through the course after the quiz, but I dont think it unlocks the navigation, so the learner would have to go through the whole thing again. 

Terry Coe

That is exactly why I use that menu setup that I included in the file. That way the learner can choose to go to whichever objective they need to pass the course. And if they fail the test, they can easily find the areas they need to learn about, all while being more motivated to pay attention.