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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tony,

I think you'll need to include a state to track this - as using the "dropped on" trigger would need to be set up for each item and then it would be submitted at the drop of any item, not all three. So change the state for each item to something custom when it's dropped on any of the options. Then, a trigger to show the layer, based on the condition that the state of all 3 items are in the "dropped" state you set up. 

Phil Mayor

Ashley's way is how I would go.  I would create a state on your drop target called dropped format paint it to all the other 2 drop targets.

Add a trigger to your first drag item to change state of drop target one to dropped when object dropped on the drop target.

Then copy and paste to all the other drag items. 

repeat for the other two drop targets

Then create trigger to show layer when state of drop targets are all equal to dropped