Showing base layer objects on a Quiz question Correct or Incorrect layer

For a game-based project I'd like to show the base layer (fully, not greyed out) on a quiz question when the Correct or Incorrect layer displays per a response submit. I've tried unchecking the Dim checkbox on base layer but doesn't help.

For both the Correct and Incorrect layer properties I've unchecked the "hide objects on base layer" option, but doesn't help.

Is there something I missed?

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Darrin,

What you need to do in this case is to edit the slide master for the Correct and Incorrect layers as they currently have a 29% transparent background, which is why your base layer appears greyed out.

To do this, select the Correct layer and then select Edit (located to the right of the Feedback Master drop down list on the right of the screen:

When you select Edit you will be taken to the Correct layer master slide. Now right click on the slide background and select Format Background. You will now see the details of the Solid Fill, 29% transparent background:

Select No Fill, Close and Close Master View (button with white cross on red background on button bar at top of page). That's it for the Correct layer. Now all you need to do is to repeat the process for the Incorrect layer and all should be good.

Because all your questions should be using the same Correct and Incorrect layer master slides, you should only need to do this once for any given course.