Showing/ Hiding Previous / Next player buttons


Is there a way to Show / Hide the Previous / Next player buttons linked to triggers or the timeline or layers?


the next button is not visible until the timeline has completed


the next button is only viable on a slide layer


the next button appears once triggered

I have implemented a system with a variable that prevents the next button from functioning until the timeline is completed but the button is still visible...I wish it to not be

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Antony Snow

Hi Laurence,

Whilst what you are wanting to do would make a great feature request for future releases of S/L, it isn't currently possible using the in-built player controls.

The only work-around I have seen is to remove them from the current slide but include them on a duplicate slide that has your objects in the selected/visited states they need to be in to make the player controls visible. You can then branch to this duplicate slide automatically on the condition that your criteria has been met, i.e. when your variable has been adjusted.

Would that work for you?