Showing layer when revisiting a menu slide after completing content

Having trouble developing a method to show a layer when users revisit the slide after completing content elsewhere in the module.

It is a menu with clickable objects for multiple sections. I want once the user has completed all the content in each subsection for the corresponding object on the menu to show visited state. (Think I got this part working) - used individual variables for each particular section of content and then had another T/F variable to change state of menu object when all the linked variables within the subsection were completed. 

So issuse now is need a conclusion type layer to pop up when they resist this main menu page and all the "object" for the chapters have been visited. Now when I run through it I can get all the objects to properly register as visited upon return to the menu but no layer with pop up.....side notes...this is a very long presentation (300+ slides). So the timeline on the menu has obviously stopped upon revisit, I have the slide property set to "saved state" tried automatic too. Have tried to create trigger to "show layer" - "When timeline ends" with conditions a,b,c all visited but no joy...tried many options.

Please any ides!!! help! I am having Variable soup!!!! With a side of Trigger hash all over my page! 

oh btw using Storyline 2 now, but I am not sure if that makes much difference with this????

Thanks in advance.

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Brian Allen

Have you tried to set the slide properties to reset to initial state?  

I'm not sure you're setting the visited state of your menu objects so resetting the slide may break this, but my guess is your slide layer isn't showing on your trigger because the timeline has already ended before the condition is met...

Also, if resetting your slide to initial state works, I would consider changing your trigger for the conclusion layer to show when the slide's timeline begins if all of your menu item's states are visited.  See how that works vs triggering when timeline ends...

Charlene Bellamy

So not sure if this question was answered. As it appears that the user had already put a trigger when the timeline ends and when the timeline begins.  I'm having the same issue.  It works once on our LMS, but if the user returns to the course and restarts, the course complete layer doesn't pop up again.  My setup works when I publish and test locally, but stalls when posted to the LMS.  Does the integrity of the course change if files are copied to a folder vs. publishing directly to a folder?  I know I'm all over the place, but my brain is fried trying to figure out why?  Any suggestions?