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Nov 30, 2012


I am creating a hangman style quiz were the user clicks on a letter of the alphabet and if correct it appears in the answer.  I have created the alphabet boxes and created different states and triggers for them depending on if they are right or not and have also created triggers to show where in the answer the letter appears if it is correct.

The problem I have is if you click a correct letter it shows in the answer boxes, but as soon as you click another letter that is correct it only shows that letter and returns the state of the previous correct letters to blank boxes.

I have tried doing this with layers to see if it would work that way and had no luck.  I have also looked at creating a true/false variable but cannot work out how to do this.

Any ideas?

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Darcy Sengewald

I have an issue that might be similar. When I create a quiz it looks correct. But then when I preview the slide, the correct answer row is transparent so it's obvious that that is the correct answer. I thought maybe this had to do with the state of that button? I have attached the file. Please help and thank you!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Darcy,

  • When I open the file, the "a or b" choice is transparent. It was kind of wonky to fix...tried a bunch of things. What seems to have worked is to Click on the box for the 2nd choice (so the "button 2" box).
  • Click the Format Painter (on the Home tab in the Clipboard group)
  • Click on the box for the A/B choice (so the "button 3 box).

Please shout out with any questions. (I'm not sure what happened to that box in the first place, BTW)

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