Showing multiple layers with one action

Jun 06, 2018

I've had little experience with Storyline so far. Trying to allow a hover action to display 2 layers. Only 1 displays, however. I've checked that all the layers do not hide other layers. What do I need to do to ensure one action (hovering over an object on one layer) will display multiple layers? 

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Orson Kellogg

Thanks to both of you, and I will check out the linked article. The strange thing is that I already had made it so none of my layers were hiding other layers. If a single hover action can cause 2 layers to be displayed (which is what I thought I set up), and one layer is above the other, that higher layer should continue to be visible...... right? (I think I've found a workaround, but I'm still puzzled by the issue.) 

Crystal Horn

Hi Orson.  Have a look at my sample.  If you hover over the red circle, it should display layers "one" and "two."

I've attached my .story file too, so you can see how closely it matches your setup.  I'm guessing you might have more objects and more layer combinations to trigger.  If you'd like to share your .story file here, I'm happy to have a look!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Orson!

Since the "photo layer" has an image background, you'll want it to display behind the "software is" layer. To do this, you'll want the "photo layer" to open before the "software is" layer.

This is where trigger order comes in. Move the "Show layer photo layer when the mouse hovers over" trigger to the top of the list. Then, preview the slide.  Voilà! Now both layers appear. 😁

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