showing off INCOMPLETE/COMPLETE instead of 100% complete

Hi There,

I uploaded a course in Moodle. Just if the student works the survey with a result slide at the very end of the course, he will get 100%. So far, everything works. But I want to show off the status INCOMPLETE right from the beginning. The current situation is that there is nothing in the status field until the student works out the last survey. Then the status turns to "100% complete". I want to show off INCOMPLETE and COMPLETE only, without any percentage.

How can I do that? Thanks a lot in advance!


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Peter Anderson

Hi Funda!

I think what you're looking for might be a Moodle function. You'd probably need to speak with your LMS team about that. Storyline communicates course completion to an LMS (LMSCommit) when the user meets the completion requirement, either when they reach the appropriate result slide or when they have viewed the required number of slides:

I know there are some Moodle champs on here that can chime in if that's something that's possible. Good luck