Showing progress through the module

We have a re-occurring issue with learners 'finishing' a module and then not showing as 'complete' in our Learning Management System. We set the tracking options so that the learner has to land on 75% of the slides to be considered complete. As a work around we have a slide at the end of each course along the lines of 'congratulations, you have completed the module' but it is still possible to get to this without landing on 75% of the slides in total.  Is there any way to include a progress bar and/or change the settings so that people cannot skip slides?

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Learning Solutions Team

Thanks Douglas.  That's one option I could incorporate but I think that means all of the slides have to be restricted in terms of navigation, not just a slide here or there.  I'm hoping there is a progress meter somewhere I can display (a bit like a survey progress bar)..thanks for the tip!

Douglas Spencer

Another option, although not a perfect one, is to track slide views with a variable. This variable would count up by 1 every time a user goes to a new slide. You could then see if the variable is a certain number on the completion slide, and if it is lower then expected, give them a message saying so. The downside is that if a slide needs to reset when a user visits the variable would increase every time it was accessed.