Showing answers selected on a results slide from a quiz.

Hello, I was wondering if on the results slide it was possible to see the answers selected throughout the quiz as a way to document it. In this particular case, we are using the quiz format as something to save answers for employees at our organization and at the end, we don't need a quiz "result," per say, just something showcasing every answer selected that we can save if that is possible?

Thanks in advance.

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Glenn Raymond Casas

Hi Chris. In your case, I'd recommend the use of Survey Slides in place of Quiz Slides. You can go to the Home tab on the ribbon, click New Slide, and choose Survey Question

Now for viewing the results, one method could be adding a results slide. We can use the Review Button to display the previous answers.

I hope this helps.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Chris,

Another option to allow a user to see how they answered, you could look at enabling the Print results option from the results slide too.

And if you don't need a true "results" feel free to customize the look and feel to remove the actual scoring components on screen and let it look however you'd like !