Showing Results Slide in Menu

I've found several articles/threads on showing the Results slides in the Menu. They all say the same thing:

1. Create a new scene in Storyline and give it a meaningful name.
2.Move the result slide to the new scene. It needs to be the only slide in the scene.
3.Adjust the triggers on the feedback layers for the last slide in your quiz, so they jump to the result slide in the new scene.

Question is on #3, how do you do that? The triggers all say "Submit Interaction." Where do you change it to show the results in a new scene?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Eric

try this

By default, question slides in Articulate Storyline have a Submit button, meaning each question will be submitted one at a time for evaluation and feedback will be displayed immediately. But what if you want all the questions to be submitted at the same time at the end of the quiz? You can do that, too. Just change the navigation controls from Submit buttons to Prev/Next buttons.

Here is the whole tutorial

So in your case the last quiz slide will have a next button and you make the trigger on that next button 'jump to scene' that holds your result slide.


eric w

Thanks, Wendy.

I applied the rationale and got everything working except for one thing. When the user clicks the Review Quiz button on the Results slide, they're taken back through the quiz questions to receive feedback (as designed). But when they get to the last question, they can't advance because the Next button doesn't work. See Capture below. I need to get them back to the Results screen so they can try the quiz again.

Ideally, they'd just click on the menu item in the left nav, but that doesn't seem to be working either. See Capture 2.

Any suggestions?

eric w

I will be using restricted navigation but while I'm still building it, I set it as Free.

There is no trigger for the Next button. That's the weird thing--since it's a quiz question, there's only a Submit button. It's not till you go back through to review the quiz questions that you see the Next button.


Does this make sense?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Eric

to confirm

the user is only seeing the submit button when they go through the quiz first time - there is no immediate feedback.

they get to the final results slide, click the Review quiz button and go through the quiz which is showing them Prev/Next buttons.

On screencapture 3 showing Submit button at the top are the Prev/Next buttons right at the bottom of the list?