Showing Shortcut Key in Test Mode

Hi all,

I created a software simulation and converted it to Test Mode. There are several slides that are asking for a Shortcut Key to be pressed, but I can't figure out which shortcut key they're seeking (the ones I thought it was don't seem to work when I preview the project). Is there a way to show which keypress it is expecting? Or to change it from a shortcut key to a hotspot (if the shortcut key is one of the commonly used ones)?

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Adam Cannon

So just as I sent this I had a brainstorm (sometimes just putting thoughts into words triggers the brain cells to start firing)...I went back and converted the recording to a Try Mode and it told me which keys it was looking for. It would be nice if it would show me that in Test Mode, though. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Adam,

Test mode is designed to test how the user is supposed to engage with an interaction/simulation - so that's why you're not seeing the exact steps that they need to replicate. You could look at adding your own caption box to that slide and have that shown to the user to help guide them. 

Adam Cannon


I feel I should have clarified better. This is a course I'm designing. As a designer, I was trying to recall what steps (keystrokes) I used at which point in the process (some were automatic-like the hold shift while dragging a shape to maintain proportions). I was trying to test the design and I couldn't get past those slides in preview mode, so I went back into the story mode to see if I could troubleshoot. But it didn't give any indication to me, the designer, what keys were expected there. It wasn't until I went into one of the other modes (Try or View) that it indicated what keystroke it was looking for. It was a bit frustrating. 

I understand the concept behind Test Mode, but as a designer, I would like to be able to see what keystroke is expected so I could adjust or add the caption box as you suggested.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks for clarifying Adam and I can certainly understand the frustration. Did you see anything within the trigger panel in regards to what keys to press? That's where you'd likely want to look to see the keystrokes you used to create this interaction. Since anything that is on the slide itself will be included in the published output that is likely why our designers didn't include anything there. 

Adam Cannon

No. I was searching the trigger panel thinking that's where it would be. It indicated that it was expecting a key to be pressed, but didn't say which key. Even after figuring it out in Try Mode, I wasn't able to find out where (if anywhere) it indicated which key it was expecting (turned out it was the Right Shift key). I understand that some key presses don't transfer because the OS or browser has those reserved for other functions, which is why I was hoping to see what key it was expecting so I could create a workaround (or at the very least show a hint caption after X number of failed attempts).