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Mar 14, 2018

I've got a lesson where I have a pre-test. If the user passes the pre-test, they can jump to the end of the lesson, where they only have to view 4 slides to get credit for the course. If the user fails the pre-test, they then have to view the entire course. I don't want to show the user the menu, if they have to take the entire course, but then want to show it to them once they get to the end of the lesson, so they can go back and review any of the material. If they do go back into the meat of the course, I want them to see the menu, so they can continue to jump to the information they want/need, without seeing each and every slide again. 

Is there a way to show the menu only upon revisiting if they failed the pre-test and upon the initial view if they passed the pre-test?

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Jeff Miller

I'm assuming you then "add" real estate to your content area and manually create your menu on the screen itself.  Our company requires use to provide visual narration to the user, in case they do not have audio capabilities at his/her workstation. How do you then use the player's narration/notes function and create a menu within the content area, or do you not worry about the notes/glossary/etc. area within the player?

Jeff Forrer

Hello.  We typically have a page that its sole purpose is a Menu page, a whole separate page, that the user navigates to from the a player menu button or custom menu button on screen. 

That menu is updated and sections checked off when complete, or by using completed states of buttons. 

We give the user reference to where they are at by adding that "locale" or section that they are in for instance as text on a header of each page.  This way when using JAWS or another program, it reads the section they are in when they are on that page.  Does that help?

Jeff Forrer

One other thought on what I have done in the past.  You could also provide a menu looking similar to what Storyline's default one is, but have one that you create graphically on a slide master that shows when you click a menu button or icon on the screen.  Have done this with a toggle button or graphical button similar to the arrow in the default menu, that turns when open, shuts when closed.  This would have your menu partially overlap the content screen when open, then go away altogether when closed. This allow quicker access for the end user without having to leave the page to go to a separate menu page.  Either one should work depending on your preference.

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