Showing the result page in the player menu leads to wrong behaviour


I've followed your recommendations to display the result page in the player menu; I've moved the result page to a new scene, made it the only slide in that scene and adjusted all triggers on last quiz slide to point to the result page. Finally I was able to add it to the player menu but when I click on the relevant menu entry, instead of getting to the result page I'm on the last page (exit slide). Here attached my storyline file; can you kindly help?

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Jin Bang

Hi Simondavide,

I understand the importance of being able to access the results slide from the main menu at any time. You may have went through other discussions of similar context and followed instructions suggested, but end up with a menu item that just skips to the next slide. Don't worry, I have a solution that may work for you.

Instead of creating a separate scene for the results, try this:

  • Insert a slide between the last question/slide and the result slide
  • Set the transition to 1 second.
  • Add a trigger to jump to the Result slide when the timeline starts
  • Optionally, you can design the slide to match the background of the player, as if it were not there, or, you could keep it with the same template as the rest of the slides, to make it look as if it were loading.
  • Go to the Player Menu (Play button + Wrench Icon)
  • And under Menu, double click the name of the slide you added to rename it as Results.
  • Test your slides

This is, in my opinion, the easiest way to get a result slide that behaves as you would expect. 

I got the idea from this thread. Uploaded a short video of how it looks like when done. 

Let me know if this helps!




Jin Bang

Hi Simone,

I'm glad you liked the initial results, and yes, I would agree that it should be easier to just be able to display a results page without the extra tasks, but I think the answer to the question as to why it is not there, lies on your followup question and this reply.

Yes, I noticed how after going to the results page, you can't submit new answers on the quiz pages, but I left it that way, as it would make more sense for a learner to complete the quiz before heading over to the results. 

As an example, A learner can go to the results page, and go back and forth a question until he ticks the right answers, which would defeat the purpose of the quiz, wouldn't you agree?

The technical aspect of why it does that, is because it's a feature of the quiz where in when you go to the results page, results are submitted and calculated. Hitting the retry button will reset this state and allow the learner to revisit the questions and answer it.

I'm not 100% certain that  this is the reason a results page is not easily made available in the menu, but I'm convinced that it is. 

Let me know what you think.


simondavide tritto

Hi Bang,


interesting discussion indeed.

It depends on what purpose you aim for when you set up quizzes. We decided that our main goal is to make the learners learn, not to score/grade them based on their answers. For this purpose, we want them to finally KNOW the right answers even with little effort from their side; those who are more willing, will take the quizzes in a more structured way (first answer them all, then check the results and decide to retry or review); the lazy ones will probably try to figure out the right  answers with the least effort, which for us is ok as well, as long as they LEARN them.

There is also a situation where checking the result page before doing all quizzes is meaningful: if a user wants to check how he's doing after let's say half the questions and then resume the quizzes; with the current setup this is not possible; so I think a function to "resume" quizzes after visiting the results page can be helpful; them I as training designer can decide if I want to use it or not.

What do you think?




Jin Bang

Hi Simone,

That makes a very good point. In that case, let's go back to my previous suggestion of making a placeholder for the results page, but this time around, instead of a blank page, let's copy everything after inserting the slide. Hitting CTRL+A while in the Results slide will copy all objects on the current slide, and when you move back to your blank slide, which we will now refer to as the Placeholder, you can hit CTRL+V and it will paste everything in place. 

Next steps:

  • Copy the layers from the Results slide and paste the layers on the Placeholder slide
  • Copy the 2nd to 4th triggers from the Results slide to the Placeholder slide
    • These are the triggers that reveal the score and what layer to show based on the score. It also triggers to reveal the "Retry" button
  • Scroll to the bottom where you find the Player trigger, and change the trigger for the next click/swipe to jump to the last slide
    • This prevents the learner from seeing two results slide, which then results to locking the quiz pages. 

I've attached a copy of the original project with the changes made so you can try it out.

Just a heads up, hitting the retry button will reset the quiz, so you'll want to find a way to notify the learner that they should avoid hitting retry unless they want to reset the whole quiz. 

Let me know what you think.