Shrink on motion path

Hi there

I'm new(ish) to Storyline and was hoping someone could help me with this. 

I'd like to add a shrink animation in conjunction with a motion path line on my object - so that the object shrinks as it moves to it's new location on my Storyline slide. 

I know that this kind of effect is possible in PPT but I don't want to go through the time consuming (and painful) process of taking all my object layers from my Storyline Slide, opening them in a new PPT slide then moving them into the right position / layer level etc.  (I already have objects and positions set up a the layer levels I want in Storyline and with the entrance fade-in effects set-up as I want them).

Can anyone suggest how I can achieve this affect from Storyline itself?  Or is there a quick easy way to convert my Storyline slide into PPT, apply the shrink effect and motion path and then re-import to Storyline?

Kind regards

Emily Gallichan

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Philip,

This post is a bit older, and I'm not sure if anyone here is still subscribed to pop in and help you out with this.

I wanted to share a couple of other conversations in case they are helpful as well.