Side Bar

Jan 27, 2021

I have a few slides that contain video. There is an issue with the side bar on some of them where the video ends but the side bar keeps running until it reaches the end. It makes the user feel like they shouldn't proceed because the side bar is still running when in fact, it's nothing but dead air. How can I synch the video start/end with the side bar? I have attached an image.

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Jeff Forrer

Check your timeline, it is more than likely stretched out too far.  When looking at videos, make sure the timeline is as long as the video.  See attached image.

In this case the timeline is 3 sec longer than the video, but this is intentional in this case because I want to show a message after it is done.

If you don't know how long the video is if you are not showing the player for it, turn the player controls on so you can see the length of it to check against time on your timeline, then shut it back off if not used.