Simple question: how to apply Slide master changes

Aug 06, 2017

I would think that changes to a slide master would be automatically reflected on the slides, but if I modify the color of the title, this does not cascade to all slides. Do I need to Reapply the layout to each of the slide individually ?

What am I missing here ?

Thanks !

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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

Hi Philippe, this is a weird thing with SL that I still don't fully understand. I know that if you change something in the title on an individual slide it can become unlinked so to say from the master slide defaults. It can be re-linked, but you have to copy the text in the broken title, delete the title, change the master slide layout to a different one and then back to the one that it was with the title.

Daniel Sposato (Philly)

That does sound like a major task!

And with this issue, it seems as if there is more than one way for this to be broken. Meaning that you could delete the title on a slide completely and copy and paste one from another slide to break it. Or you could change the name of the main slide and not the title on the slide to break it as well.

Another thing that works in certain situations, if the title text is still in a title format and not a regular text field, is to change the name of the main slide to "Untitled Slide". This can re-link it in that situation. See this post--> Automatically-populate-slide-title-onto-the-slide-or-menu

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Philippe,

I'm happy to take a look but it's taking a loooong time to download.

Could you share a few slides and a few of your masters, with an explanation of which ones you've tried to modify and that haven't accepting the changes? That'll help me get up to speed quickly and get you a faster answer! 

A much smaller file should work with the "Add Attachment" button too. 

Philippe JEANTY

Yes, you guys have not only a fabulous program but an even more fabulous support!  But as for all big programs somethings are not intuitive when you come from a different environment :). To me it sound logical that to change the font attributes i would select the sample text, not the text container :)

Now i know :)


Thank you for this post.  I wish this had come up in my search earlier today.  It's not intuitive that changing the font attributes of the text within the text box would result in different behaviour from selecting the text box container and changing the font attributes.  Glad to have found this finally, but wasted a lot of time on this. :(

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