Simple Screen Size (player) Question

I have looked for this answer to this but I cannot find it.  

I recently used one of David's templates and the player was much bigger on the screen. I wondered how he did that.  

Here is the one I created with David's template

Here is what I get when I create my own

I know it has got to be a simple setting but I just can't find it. 



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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Brian, there are basically two ways you can control the size of the output.

The first way is to click on the Design tab and then click Story Size under set up. You can use this to set the height and width of your story.  I find it is best to do this at the beginning of a project before you have pulled in a lot of content. 

Another option is to click the Player tab and click "Other" and then change the Browser Size and Player Size settings.