Simplest way to have a toggle switch between hidden and normal states?

Hi there,

I'm making a course which involves a caption being shown if you click a button, or hidden if it's already shown and you click the button again. I had figured that the attached trigger would be the easiest way (plus a vice versa one to hide it again if its state was normal) but it doesn't seem to be working. Clicking the button doesn't do anything.

I know I could always rig this up with a few variables, but there are quite a few spots like this and I'd rather avoid loading the course down with triggers and variables for that. Am I overlooking something hideously obvious?



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Walt Hamilton

If you can use the built-in functions of the Selected state, you can save a great deal of trouble and effort in creating toggles.

Using the Selected state to hide a caption will work if the caption is apart from the button. If you are talking of the text on the button itself, that is a different matter. That's because the selected state merely overlays the normal state, and the text will still show.

Try this sample, where the selected state was edited to have on it a colored rectangle covering the text.