Simplifying an interactive map with 50 states and >10 layers per state. Suggestions?

Oct 23, 2016

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Hello, all!

I'm looking for ways to simplify a rather complex interactive map that currently brings up a list of 10 clickable items for each province/state, each of which brings up its own layer. (Background: This will be a list of the ten most common laws for cyclists that vary from one location to another.)

Here's how it works at the moment. Please see the file for details:

  • The interactive map allows users to hover over any province or state. 
  • Clicking on the outline of the province (or the button below) displays a layer with a list of ten items.
  • Clicking on any one of these ten items displays another layer with the relevant information for that item.

Right now this involves 13 layers for each province or state. As I will (I believe) be having all of the layers within one slide, this is going to make for 515 layers for the United States map (!). 

Needless to say, if I have to make any changes to the headings or layout I'll have a lot of work ahead of me, as all but one layer would need to be changed.

Is there any way that I can simplify the process to get the same result? Ideally, I would like to have the layout and the ten titles fixed so that if I need to make a change to these, it will be reflected in every layer. Then, the only variable is the text for each of the ten items in each province.

I'm willing to rip this all apart if a simpler method is put forward.  Whether it's using feedback masters (I've tried, but couldn't yet get that to work), or lightboxes, or something else, I'm open to your ideas.

Jacquelyn Edwards suggested using the marker labels themselves to display the text. That certainly makes sense (thanks, Jacquelyn!). However, I need the titles for each to appear in the upper left for each item, and the marker labels can't be adjusted precisely enough. I wish that option would work.

Thanks so much for any help you can offer!


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Allan Dunlop

That makes sense, Walt. Thanks for the suggestion. I believe I will be using feedback masters for some elements.

Rais Omar took the time to create a brilliantly workable option using JavaScript to populate the titles of the ten items for each state/province. He then included a JavaScript option for me to populate the panels that come up for each of the items when clicked.

This was a huge help, as I know zero about JS.

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