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Jul 16, 2012


I have a question about the dial/knob screencast  David Anderson posted. When I created the slide, I simply tested the 4 arrow turns, for the sake of time. When I watch the Screenr, David's dial turns a bit AFTER the mouse is hovered over the arrow, and I like that effect. My dial turns immediately.

I've set up the 4 states for quarter, half hour, 3/4, and "done." My triggers are set to change to each state when the mouse is hovered over the "matching" arrow. How can I delay the dial turn?

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David Anderson

Hi Becky!

 What I think you're seeing is my cursor hovering over an area and a short pause before I click the hotspot to trigger the dial. There aren't any delays assigned.

I think you could delay the turn by placing the visual arrows on layers and sliding them a 1/2 second out from the start of the timeline. Then, when you mouse over (or click) the invisible hotspot by the dial, you trigger a slide layer to appear.

Do you think that would work?

Greg Cannon

Thanks David and James...

I was playing around with this concept as I'd been working on a linear slider that I found on here and was wondering whether I could use a similar technique for a circular track. My attempt is attached.

I think it would be smoother if I could figure out how to split my original doughnut shaped track into 12 exactly equal sized shapes as opposed to rough approximations (by sight I ended up with 10 unequal shapes!)...but apart from that it works ok and is relatively smooth as is.

It was quite fiddly to set up due to having to manually re-add the triggers for each click area (with a linear track you can just copy and paste...

Anyway, it's an alternative approach to the ones mentioned above so thought I'd share...

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