Simulating a "click and drag"

Jul 07, 2020

I created a software simulation using Storyline. The feedback from the pilot testing is that the slide where there is a click and drag just doesn't function well.

In the software, there is a portion where the user must click on a day of the week and then drag to highlight the days next to that day (for example, clicking on Monday and then dragging to highlight Tuesday and Wednesday).

Storyline simulations do not caption this, so in the training, the user has to click on Monday and then the software simulation video plays showing the other days being highlighted.

Because the training tells users to click and drag, that's what they are trying to do in the Storyline try mode. However, because that function is not possible it is just moving the screen around (on iPad) or of course, nothing is happening on screen (desktop).

I need a better solution for this portion of the try mode! What can I do to simulate the action of "click and drag"?



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Tom Kuhlmann

Without seeing the screen and what type of effect you get with the click and drag, I can offer a few simple ideas:

  • The slide with the video is just a slide like any other, so you can simulate the click and drag.
  • It may be something where you take the menu image and create different states that can change based on dragging over the image.
  • Or you can create a draggable object that activates some state change.
  • Or create a slider that changes states...make the slider look like a draggable cursor.

Here's a video with some tips that may help. It shows how to extract the video and quickly make state changes.

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