Simulating password entry

I need to simulate the little dots that appear in place of alphanumeric characters when a user enters a password. I could put each dot in a layer that would be triggered by typing. The Trigger Wizard would read:

Action = Show layer

Layer = Dot1 (Dot2, etc.)

When = User Presses a key

Key = [Unfortunately, I don’t know which key!]

 Is there a way to enter a wildcard in the “Key” field that would respond to the user pressing any key? If not, can anyone think of a way to simulate entering a password?

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Douglas Spencer

You could have the user click buttons to put in their password and then put a hotspot over the whole button bank that would be the actual click region. That way, no matter what button the user thought they clicked on they would actually be clicking on the hotspot; making your dot layer much easier to manage.

Although, this would only be a solution if you didn't care what password they entered.