Simulating User Creation Abilities

Was wondering if anyone had any good tips or tricks for creating interactions that make it seem like a user is editing/creating in something like PowerPoint. I've had minor success with some more static things using drag and drops (like dropping an object with the whole slide as a correct target) and some motion paths, but was looking to see if y'all had any workarounds for things like that.

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Bill Kelleher

I'm interested to see if there is something a little more faithful to the experience than screen recording, as that is based a lot more in user input events with the click/key event then causing the video to continue.I could do these using screen recording/ try mode, I'm just curious as to whether anyone has done anything more advanced. I know at this point I'm getting into the realm of things that are maybe unnecessary.

Alternatively, does anyone know of any ways I could I bump up the realism in a screen recording to make it more faithful?


In a screen recording I create a box in PPT by clicking a corner and dragging until I am done. On playback, the user will be prompted to click and drag, and then once they do the video continues showing the box being created from that click and drag.

Instead of that, how can I let the user feel more like they are creating the box rather than watching the box get created after the fact?

I've included an example of the type of interaction I mean, where I want the user to try the process in a more realistic fashion.