Mar 09, 2022

Hi.  I am trying to create a simulation where the learner clicks an area of an image and another image displays.  When the new image is displayed, they click on an area and another image displays so forth.  I tried using hotspot to display the image but when I put the next hotspot for the next image, I can't hide the hotspot to only display when the next image comes up.  The learner can now click on multiple areas.  I switched to show layers and put the hotspot on the layer, but I see slight blue pulse from the hotspot on the base layer.  

I am not sure if I am on the right track for what I am looking to accomplish.

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Joseph Francis

I get around the "can't-hide-a-hotspot" issue by creating a Hot Object.

Depending on the part of the image I want to be clickable, I will create a circle, rectangle, or other object (if it's complex, import a copy of that part of the image after isolating it in a tool like Photoshop), place it on top of that part of the image, and then set the border to "none" and the fill to "transparent." Then, I can set the object's "visibility" in the Triggers panel.