simulation of remote control

Hi everyone, I'm facing a rather difficult task. I have to create a simulation of a remote control to play on an i-pad. The remote control has 3 buttons with each his effect. So far no problem i guess. Two problems: Problem 1 is that the user has to press two buttons at the same time for some effects. Any suggestions how I can simulate this? Problem 2: some buttons have different effects when pressed short or long time. Any ideas?

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Richard Hill

Hi Valesca, you cannot press more than one button at a time in Storyline.  If your simulation is not first person, you could  have an avatar hand simulating the presses.   Sorry, it's not quite the best solution for this.  


The button press timing can be done with triggers and an animated timer, whereby the on press of the object it adjusts a variable, but if the timer completes while they are pressing a button, the variable changes to something else.