Simulation - text field data entry is a white screen


I've just started using Storyline's record screen/simulation functionality, and I've run into a bit of a snag.

When I record my screen, it captures all of the mouse/text inputs correctly. However, when I turn that recording into a simulation, all of the text/number inputs appear as blank white screens. In other words, the simulation works as it should, but when the user clicks in a text/number field to enter information, the screen goes completely white where the user can enter information into the field as normal. Once they enter the informationm, they press Enter and the white screen disappears and the simulation reappears.

The application that I'm recording uses Windows Terminal, so I was wondering if that could be part of the issue.


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Faye Woodley

I don't know if anyone found an answer to this but I had the same problem and contacted my Storyline guru for help.  She knew right away how to solve this issue.  What is actually happening is that the white you are seeing is the text entry box - it is just way too big for the screen.  If you resize the white box to fix the area where the text is supposed to be you will see the interactivity/simulation actually is there and works properly.  You might have to make some other minor modifications (text size, make box transparent, etc.) but this is much easier than going in and forcing a new text entry.  

Give it a try!