Simulations and questions in forms

Aug 13, 2012

Hello.  I'm new to Storyline.  So far I love it.  I am working on a software simulation that requires users to enter something in the form.  When I recorded the screen, I entered some information, but what I try to demonstrate is for users to type something, not exactly what I typed (they have to choose a user name and it can be anything). It doesn't make sense to prompt the students to enter the exact user name I chose, but the simulation asks "Enter XXXX" which is the phony user name I chose.

Is there a way to change that, that is, tell articulate to accept any user name that they choose instead of the exact user name I typed in the recording?

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Jeff Nauman

Coincidentally I'm sort of working on the same type of issue. I have a form that a user must fill out correctly with syntax and content. I need to provide some kind of feedback so that the user knows he's entered it correctly.  There are 8 text entry fields on my form and I'm having trouble sizing text fields to fit over the form slots that are separated by vertical lines and getting the characters to fit appropriately. The first three characters are digits and the last two are letters. Here's an example. Anyone else worked on something like that?


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