Simulations SCORM-compliant?

Are simulations created in Storyline SCORM-compliant?

Does Storyline support guided practice in simulations. For example, allowing the user to make a couple of mistakes on each interaction before a message pops up telling the user how to proceed to the next interaction.

When using the simulation as a test can you overlay the details of a task throughout the simulation? For example, the details might include numbers, names, etc., without explaining how to complete the task.

Thank you.


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Peter Pappas

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

You've probably come to the conclusion that I do not have Storyline installed on my computer.

If you can answer a couple more questions...

I understand that Storyline outputs to HTML 5 and flash. I believe that there is limited interactivity with HTML 5. If users run the mobile player on an iPad does it play the HTML5 version or the Flash version?

Thanks. This should be my last question.