Simulations that include entering figures from the keyboard key

Oct 29, 2013

Hi all, this is my first question on the forums, so excited to better learn how to use Storyline.

I've accepted a project where I need to break down a screen cast into simulation steps that a user can perform on their own in my course. I know that after I record I can choose  step by step slides. But I'm recording entries people need to make in an Excel spreadsheet, and I want them to either type in the value I provide them or press a key to enter the data, then have them click to move to a different cell in the spreadsheet.

Any suggestions on how best to do this?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Benjamin and welcome to Heroes! 

Are you looking to track their results, more like a quiz? When you insert it as step by step mode, you can set it to View, Try or Test - and Test would even give you the option to generate a Results slide for your activity. If the information will be the same for everyone (i.e. they'll all have to enter 4 into cell F3 or such) then you can record yourself going through the motions and insert it as a Step by Step Test mode. 

Benjamin Curry

Thanks Ashley. I'm looking to create a simulation where students use figures that I provide to fill out a series of spreadsheets.

I'm including a voiceover, then after the voiceover completes, I want the hint caption to appear to tell them where to click or what to enter. I've figured out that I'll need to juggle these things on the timeline, but any suggestions on the most efficient way to do this would be helpful.



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