Simultaneous display slides and a video ??

I have a Learner request to display a video in one window and then is another window display slides that will be imported from PowerPoint. As the video plays I will need to sync the slides to play at specific times to match the video.

Is this approach even possible using Storyline?

Thanks in advance for any help and direction!

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Ray Mooney

Thank you for the reply.

I have looked at that before and there is one response that seems to be the answer but it does not explain how and where to find these options. Would you know where these options are found in storyline? Here is the post;

".... my question : how to sync between slide and movie in articulate storyline?  there are two methods that you can choose previously in articulate presenter: Synchronization (slide only) -> synchronize slide and movie: and Synchronization (slide only) -> movie plays independently of slide......:

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ray! I found some Storyline documentation here. Does the information at the bottom of this article help you out:

How to incorporate Flash movies into Storyline

Insert FLV movies into Storyline via Insert > Video > Video from File.

To insert SWF movies, choose one of two methods, depending on how you're using the SWF file:

  • If your SWF file is a movie that requires no interaction from users, use the Insert > Video > Video from File option (just as you would with a movie in any other file format). This method synchronizes the video with the slide's timeline.
  • If your SWF file contains interactive elements, use the Insert > Flash option instead. This method plays the SWF file independently of the slide, allowing your users to interact with it at their own pace.
Ray Mooney

I'm sorry I'm so late in responding to your reply     I've been traveling and out of the office.

I'm looking at your response and I don't believe this option is what my Learner is wanting. Let me see if I can explain better what the Learner is asking for ........ They would like to view the course in  2 separate windows that run concurrently and are synced. One window is playing a video and separate second window is displaying PowerPoint slides. The PP-slides are synced to switch based on timeline marks designated in the video. There would need to be a "pause/play" control fir the learner to stop the video at any given time.

The movie format I have been give is MP4.

Does the Articulate "Presenter" product have this capability?

Thanks, Ray