Single Attempt Pass/Fail Quiz Course

I am developing a single attempt pass/fail course. I have set up an exit button on the results slide of the quiz that has a trigger to complete the course when clicked. I have also set up the course with Pass/Fail as the LMS Reporting when I publish. We are using the HealthStream LMS and the course will not complete when the person fails. The LMS company did a SCORM test and it shows the following when tracking using quiz results.

Completion = incomplete

Success = Failed

When I tested using the tracking of "Track using Course Completion" I came up with incomplete and unknown for the success so my concern would be that the results would not come over to the LMS and it is a CME course so this is needed. 

Any advice or workarounds any of you have figured out to assist with ensuring the module completes would be greatly appreciated. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Miranda, happy to help!

It sounds like you have a course that contains a quiz, and you want to mark the course as Passed or Failed, depending on the learner's score. Is that right?

First, you do not need the Complete Course trigger. That trigger is used for setting completion when you're not using a quiz. 

Second, be sure you are choosing to track by quiz result when you publish the course. 

Let me know if that helps you!

Ani Davidian

hi Alyssa, I know i'm not the person who submitted this question, but I have a situation where I have a quiz that even with failed, we want to compete the course. It won't complete. Is there any way I could get on a call with someone? i recall i was able to get on a live chat, but can't find where and how. Thanks! 

Ren Gomez

Hi Ani,

Thanks for reaching out, and it looks like you were also able to connect with our support team! I'm glad my teammate, Chester, was able to help troubleshoot the file with you and figured out the best reporting setup!

If you ever run into file issues, please know that you can always share it when you submit a case using the link below.