Single Module Delivery Methods

I am not sure of this is the right discussion topic and I did a search and have not found anything on this subject.

I am reaching out to everyone for their suggestions for the following scenario:

I have a series of one-off modules I would like to quickly deploy to my group (all those who will be taking this are remote workers).

I have tried Articulate on-line, but their are to many crashes / hang ups for my target audience - the delivery needs to be as smooth as possible.

Ideally I would like a process that mimics Articulate on-line where I can provide a single link to a module and that's all the learner will see.

I am not dogging Articulate on-line, it's great for testing and high level review, but for line level employee's it's just not stable enough for a large delivery platform.

Again, keys for me are simple - minimal to no navigation required


Single linking (unique link / url for each module).

Thank you everyone / anyone for your help and suggestions.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris,

Depending on how many users you're going to have enrolled, you may also want to look at SCORM Cloud or the other options within the SCORM suite.

It's really easy to navigate and you can generate unique links for each course which can be emailed to users right from the site - it's where we do most of our LMS testing as well - so it's very stable.

Hope that others in the community can offer you ideas as well!