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Art Smith


That would be very difficult. I work for the USCG. I am actually building
a radio simulator. Even if I did upload it, you be lost at trying to
operate it attempting to see the fault in the variables.
How i have built it in order for all of it to work properly, is a single
slide and a truck load of layers. However, so far so good up until this

The fundamentals are, the primary interface is a single Layer, then each
branches off to another Layer, then in turn returns back the Primary
Interface Layer.

The main issue lies with with one particular Layer which is not returning
correct information back to the Primary Interface Layer via a Variable.

Here is how it is working: (one example, actually, but others are working,
others are not)

On the Sub-Layer:

Art Smith

I figured it out. This isn't the first time Iv'e seen it... Somewhere,
somehow, many triggers got corrupted. In other words, the looks good on
the surface, but when you open the to check the actual settings, they are
missing many parameters. I discovered this by basically starting this
layer over anew.

Since I've seen this before, I'm not surprised to see it again.

I'm pissed and why likely while I'll always avoid upgrade grade or giving
Articulate any more money. From the outside looking in, it appears all
versions are same SW, different wrappers, more $$$.

I have no confidence it is getting any better.

It still doesn't explain why (as I explained earlier) a simple exit from
one screen, and entrance on another didn't work this morning. But I have
about 60% of it back on track now. I will get back with you if the wheels
come off again, when i get back to where I am now sometime next week.

It is very painful having to validate hundreds of triggers...

This shouldn't break like this...using this SW is brutal...Why do you have
to open another window every time you need to edit a trigger!!! I freak'n

Also, when I was browsing the forums, it was funny. I see all these
responses that say..."great suggestions for SW improvements...but they
never come out...

I'm ready to stop using SL software and find better!!!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Art,

I'm sorry this caused so much frustration and that it took you a fair amount of time to get to the bottom of it. If you're not able to share here, you're always welcome to send along to our Support Engineers. That file would be kept private and they can sign an NDA if needed.

If you wanted to share with us we can also test how it works in Storyline 3 or Storyline 360 to share if the updates, fixes and new features in those versions would help with this issue.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with. 

Art Smith

Nothing to share. I am way past it, and basically reconstructed a different way avoiding this issue. 

If I could recommend anything, there has to be any easier way to do three things.

1. Print out all variables in a single list with all information.

2. Insert Triggers without them default to the bottom of the list. I have 40-50 triggers and I must move them up and up over and over and again. 

3. Stop having to enter triggers and variables via pop-up windows..  How inefficient? Open close, scroll, open, close, scroll.  How many of us developer do think are working on a single screen? We have the real estate. Make that an option, if your working on a single screen your stuck in scrolling hell. The rest of us can see and have the freedom to do it all without clicking ourselves to death. Thx 👍 appreciate the feedback. Hope this helps. If you implement, it helps me, otherwise, I need a more efficient software.