Single source content to support role based learning

I want to single source content to support 3 different roles. For example - Basic navigation applies to all 3 roles, whilst other topics reply to one or many roles.

All content is in one PowerPoint slide deck at the moment.  How can I break up the slide deck to support the 3 roles and only maintain source content once where content is shared across more than one role?

I've had a look at Team slides, but I am not sure if the course content is updated if the source content is updated?

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Steve Hazelton

Super easy to do in Storyline. Have a slide early on asking them to choose their role, then set variables for the three roles based on their choice. When you reach a branching point, add a trigger with a condition to the Next button based on the variable (Jump to slide 36 when Role = Brain Surgeon). Just make sure that this variable comes before the regular Next button trigger so that it gets looked at first. Then branch back as appropriate. Here's a quick example I created for a newbie in our dept.

If you are going to branch to more than just a few slides, you may want to use scenes to make the navigation out and back easier to see.