Single text entry function for multiple slides

Dec 02, 2013

Hi all

Fingers crossed someone can help me or lead me down the right path!

I am currently designing a course around client meetings. As preparation for a client meeting I want the user to be able to complete several tasks (across several slides), that teach them about effective preparation.

Across all of these slides, I have a notepad that the user can access and add notes to. Their notes will be used to support them during a meeting (it will be kind of who wants to be a millionaire style). 

The problem I have is that Text Entry has no memory across slides. So if a user adds notes to their notepad on one slide and then moves onto the next, the initial notes are no longer visible. 

I can obviously use all the text entry variables to form a document that would bring all of the notes together for their meeting simulation. However, I'd really like for one text entry to span multiple slides. 

Any ideas? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Geraghty and welcome to Heroes! 

I don't know of a function that would allow you to use the same TextEntry for each slide, but you could make it look like a note pad by including the variable reference to each individual text entry variable and sequentially build it into each slide that would come next. They would not be able to edit the previous notes unless they returned to that slide. 

Hopefully if there is a community member who has set up something similar they'll share that with you here! 

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