single trigger to change state of multiple objects

Apr 16, 2015

Hi guys

My slide has 5 layers each with about 50 objects on each layer and I want to create a reset button for each layer to change to all to hidden state when user clicks the button. (I don't want to change the slide properties to reset with timeline I want the user to be able to manage this.) This will make about 250 separate trigger entries to complete this for all layers, very time consuming as I did this for another slide set and I have a few more to do, so my question is this ...  is there a way to create a single trigger for each layer that says when user clicks this button change state of (and multi select every item on the layer) on the one trigger?

thanks everyone!

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Greg Faust

As far as I know, the answer is "no". You have to pick your poison: 1) write the individual triggers for maintaining object states despite the layer being set to reset on revisit, or 2) write the individual triggers for resetting the individual objects despite the layer being set to resume on revisit.

What are these objects? 250 seems like an awful lot of objects with toggleable states. If this is a case of copypasted elements, it is possible to avoid a lot of manual trigger copying ifyou copypaste things in the correct order.

Julie Taylor

Thanks Greg I thought that would be the case, all good I'd better go to it.

BTW - To clarify it is Hangman with 5 layers of games so each layer has letters of the alphabet (26 objects) + answer (between 8-12) + the hang man and frame (8 objects) that all need reset function. I want player to be able to reset and replay each game level at will without having to exit the slide completely so of course I will need 5 reset buttons also.  


Greg Faust

I assume you've already partially built this slide-- in which case, yeah, just slog through the trigger creation and be done with it. It's not worth the time it would take to redesign, debug, and rebuild the slide, except perhaps for your own edification.

I'll say this for future reference (including if anyone finds this thread with a search engine):

When you copypaste an object, Storyline tries to copypaste the triggers as well as it can, with interesting results. Suppose Button 1 has the trigger, "Change State of Triangle 1 to Hidden when User clicks Button 1". 

  • If you select, copy, and paste ONLY Button 1, it will create Button 2 with the trigger "Change State of Triangle 1 to Hidden when User clicks Button 2".
  • If you select, copy, and paste Triangle 1 on its own, Triangle 2 will be created, but no triggers will be created or modified.
  • (here's the interesting one) If you select, copy, and paste Button 1 AND Triangle 1 TOGETHER, then you will create Button 2, Triangle 2, and the trigger, "Change State of Triangleto Hidden when User clicks Button 2"
  • I don't know if this is still an issue in Storyline2, but in Storyline1, copypaste operations would sometimes drop triggers if I tried to paste too quickly-- almost as if Storyline needed a couple seconds to write everything down after I hit ctrl-c.

What this means is that, when you have a bunch of objects that work basically the same way (such as the 26 letters of the alphabet), you would do well to try to design and build the slide using only the first couple of those objects (such as the letters A and B). Get the thing working COMPLETELY with just those. Once that is working, copypaste your objects (so, 24 more B's, plus any related objects and triggers), then manually go through and do any additional conversion work on them (turning B's into C, D, E, etc.).

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