Size issue: PowerPoint 1 Mb imported into SL give a 9 Mb .story file !

Feb 03, 2015

Hi everyone,

I have a 1 Mb Powerpoint (10 slides with a single picture in each slide). When I import them into SL, I get a 9 Mb + .story file.

When I insert the 10 images manually in SL, I get a 1 Mb file, which is what I expected.

Attached are the PPT file and a .zip file with the 10 pictures.

Any idea of how to import a PPT without increasing so much the .story file ?

Thank you.

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Quentin Hua

Thank you Phil.

The 1Mb file is just a sample to share. We have several PPT to import in the same SL. After importing the first PPT of 20 Mb, we were surprised to have a 150 Mb+ SL file. If we import all of them, it will be more than 1Gb !

So no choice but to insert each of the image manually? We have hundreds of them... 

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