Size of Preview Slides in the Scene panel (left side panel)

Hi, All!

I created a scene the other day and had some learning check questions scattered throughout the scene. Originally, I had SL branch to different feedback slides depending on the learner's response. Since I used 4 feedback slides branching off the question slide, the four feedback slides were shown side by side. In doing this, the preview panel shrank the slide icons down so small that I cannot tell what is on them or their titles.

So I redid the in-scene check quizzes and used layers instead, having the user's button choice show a layer tied to that button, then clicking a "close" button to hide the layer and return to the quiz.

So that made all the slides now appear in a nice linear map, but they are still sized as micro-icons.  Is there a way to restore the slide icons in the preview panel to normal size?

Thanks for the help ahead of time.

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