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Feb 25, 2013

 I have a question, I need to know if I need to keep in mind the size of my project because eventually I will need to put it in a LMS and I remember something about a project needs to be a certain size to be scorm compliant. Thanks for your help... Also just testing out this email setting.

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to the community, Kara

There's no file size limitation that I'm aware of that you'll need to keep in mind when uploading your project to LMS. Maybe you're thinking of SCORM suspend data limits? It's not likely that you'll exceed the suspend data limits imposed by some SCORM learning management systems. However, if you do, this article will help you resolve it. 

Does that sound familiar? 

Peter Anderson

HI Isa

That's correct. Courses designed for the Mobile App should only be limited by the memory available on the iPad on which they're being saved. We've seen some related issues to large courses that really push an iPad to its limits, including sluggish loads or delays between slides, so that's something that you'll want to consider. 

Peter Anderson

Hi Kara, 

Unfortunately, if you want to change the story size, it's always best to do it before you add any content to your slides. Otherwise, when you change the size, objects on your slides might need to be rearranged or resized in order to look right with the new size. Sorry about the inconvenience of that.

Also, keep in mind that when you publish, the total size of your published output will be slightly larger than the dimensions you choose for the Story Size. That's because Storyline adds a little bit of height and width for the course player. Depending on the player features and controls you include, the player might add up to 260 pixels in width, and up to 118 pixels in height. For more details on customizing your player, check out this tutorial.

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