Sizing the story, don't want locked aspect ratio

I opened my file and the graphics, text boxes, everything, are completely goofed up--some are huge, some have shrunk--it's an extreme mess. I opened a backup, and it's a little better. Using SL 360 with latest updates applied.

I need to make the story size longer. The width is fine. It is 900 x 420 (custom). See before sizing.png.

When I go to adjust the length, I select 900 x600, lock aspect ratio turned OFF. See after sizing.png for the results.

I had been working on simulations, for which I played around to get the right size. That was in a totally different file, and should not have a bearing on this.

I need help with this. I've tried all I know to do. Deadlines are looming.

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Tom Kuhlmann

The lock aspect ratio is related to the slide and not the objects.

When you resize the story file from one aspect ratio to another, you are going to skew the objects on the screen to adjust based on the change from one resolution to the next. You can select crop to prevent this and then go slide by slide. But you are cropping part of the screen.

Another option that I prefer is to create a new file at the aspect ratio you want, and then copy/paste the slides. Here's a video I created the other day for someone else that may help.