Skip correctly answered questions on 'Retry' quiz

Hello All,

I am trying to produce a course with a test at the end, with a 'retry' option. I have set variables and rules which should skip the correctly answered questions whilst still counting them towards the total of the redo-score.

The problem arises when for example you answer correctly on questions 1-9 and then make a mistake on question 10. Upon clicking the 'Retry' button, you are flashed through all the correctly answered questions, which to my users seems like a mistake in the functions. Is there any way to skip exactly to the incorrectly answered questions without flashing through the correct ones? Please advise, I have uploaded a sample storyline file with 10 questions. 

I should mention I read several other threads that dealt with retrying quizzes, but none had mentioned this exact problem.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Todor!

When a learner retries a Storyline quiz, they will be directed to retry all of the quiz questions. It sounds like you'd prefer the learner to only retry the questions they answered incorrectly.

While that's not a built-in feature in Storyline, check out Louise's suggestions in this thread. That should get you started in the right direction!