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I have a series of questions in a quiz. I want the user to be able to select a "skip/not applicable" button on each question which will simply move to the next question. This is easy enough however I want the results slide to ignore the skipped questions completely. For example if they answer 4 out of 5 questions correct, and skip the other question, they still get 100%. 

I'm struggling to work out how a user can skip a question without it impacting the overall score. 

Any ideas would be great.

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Jimmy Blacknell

Thanks Ashley. At the moment the only option I can think of is to simply have an answer on each question which is "Skip Question", which gives them the same points as if getting it correct. The problem with that is it limits the types of questions I can use, for example hotspots, or sequence questions wouldn't work.

Wendy Farmer

Can you use the Submit All option for the quiz.

The user will see a Prev/Next button on the quiz slides instead of Submit so they can go forward and backwards through the quiz then they get to the last question and get the option to 'Submit All' at that stage

See this KB article for more information