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Hi eLearning Heroes! (you really are my heroes!)

I am creating a course that creates 3 paths.  Two of the paths provide an option at the end of each 'section' that they have a chance to choose to go to other paths.

By using the 3rd path, they can complete the entire course. I want to create a way for the user to unknowingly skip the slide at the end of each section which allows the user to choose to go down other paths.

For example:

If you choose path 1 or will go to slides 2, 3, 4, 5

If you choose path will will go to slides 2, 3, 5 (and not 4)...

Is this possible to do?

 Thank you for your help!


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Matthew Bibby

Sure, variables and conditional triggers are your friends.

For example, create a number variable called Path and give it a default value of 0.

When people choose path 3, adjust the Path variable and assign the value 3. Do the same for the other paths (with the relevant value of course).

Then, add a conditional trigger to the next button on slide 3 that says "Jump to slide 5 when the user clicks if variable Path is equal to 3". And another trigger that says "Jump to slide 4 when the user clicks if variable Path is less than 3" (this will account for those on paths 1 and 2, as well as if people skip to slide 2 using the menu and not actually choose a path.... meaning the Path variable is still 0).

Also, keep in mind that you'll want similar triggers on the back button from slide 5 to make sure that if going back people will still be shown only the relevant slides.

Does that make sense?