Skipping past results slide

I have a quiz in the middlie of my storyline module.  I want learners to see their results, and be able to review the quiz.  But, when they complete their review I don't want them to go back to the resuls slide again.  I want them to autmaticlaly skip to a set of final slides.

I am sure this would probably be done with some kind of varaible but I am not a coding guy.  Any ideas out there?

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Gerry Wasiluk


I've not tried this out so take this with a heavy, heavy ounce of caution . . .

Yes, create a variable.  Call it varViewedResults.  Make it a True-False variable and initially "false."

On your review answers button on your result slide, add a new trigger to it that changes the value of varViewedResults to "true" when the button is clicked.

Then add a slide trigger to your results page that moves to your first review slide when the timeline begins for the slide.  Add a condition to this trigger to only do so when varViewedResults equals "true."

Again, I've not tried this.  You may have to adjust the properties for your results slide to get this to work--like reset to initial value when revisiting.

Brian Batt

Hi Gordon,

I could see how the end-user might see that screen just momentarily.  Here's a couple of options:

1.  Add a layer called "whiteout" to the result slide

2.  On this layer, put a white box on top of all of your content

3.  Add a trigger to display this layer when the user clicks the Review Quiz button

4.  When they get back to the result slide for the automatic branching, they should just see a white box.

Another option would be to setup a blank slide to handle the branching.  You would place this before your result slide & setup a variable to handle the branching.  Either way, it should do visually the same thing for the end-user.