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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Victoria.  I'm really sorry that you're dealing with some frustrating behavior.  When you opened your SL2 course in SL360, it should have prompted to you upgrade your course while also creating a backup of your course in the SL2 format.


The backup of your original file should look like "projectname - SL2 Backup" in your File Explorer:


That file should open successfully in Storyline 2.  You may need to open Storyline 2 and browse directly to that file.  Let us know how you make out!

Victoria Sublette

Yes, Crystal, that's what it did. It did back up and then I did a week's worth of work on the 360 file which I have had to completely re-do once I un-installed 360 because 360 does not have the capability to save as <earlier version> as Word, Excel, Photoshop and many other programs have.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Victoria,

Thanks for confirming that you went through those steps. I'm sorry if it wasn't made clear about the files not being backwards compatible as I know that's been a common issue in previous versions and updates. 

If there is anything else we can offer assistance with, please let us know.