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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bo,

The normal results slide allows you to set the passing score - and typically when a user doesn't pass they're shown the failure layer on the results slide, or if they do pass they see the success layer on the results slide. 

Maybe you could share a bit more about what you're looking to set up? 

Bo Toennesen

My idear is that not all result is good, so instead of you have pass 50% on you result slide. Will I have different character from angry to good. So if you get under 50% you get at unhappe character and over a happy character.

It must be somting with show layer if ......... on the resultslide.

Give this meanimng?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Bo,

There are lots of ways to do this. Yes, using layers is a good idea. Here's one way. This is a very plain vanilla file!

This quiz has 5 questions (all are True!). Passing score is 80%

Results Slide

The character on the success layer is smiling and has a thumbs up.

The character on the failure layer is neutral; arms crossed


If Learners score less than 50%, there's a trigger on the Failure layer that changes the state of the character to a disappointed state. That is,

Change the state of Character 1 to the Disappointed state when the timeline starts (on the Failure Layer) if Results.ScorePercent is less than or equal to 50.00

Perhaps that will get you started in the right direction