SL 2 HTML5 Publication: Text location issues

Hi all,

I've created a publication using SL2 and published it to html5 at various stages during the development to run it on a server, but now I've run into 2 issues both related to text even after republishing and deleting the old version from the server 

Issue 1

After publishing it today, text boxes which are set to appear during a particular state are not as shown in SL2. The text in the designer is contained within a rectangle but when I publish it overflows or bleeds out so that some of the text is outside the rectangle and by extension difficult to read.

Issue 2:

I have a references to variables in other text boxes and set the text to auto resize but when I publish and view the presentation online the referenced variables are not displayed and worse some of the text I prefixed it with isn't shown either. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael, 

The variable references or text entry boxes won't update dynamically so they'll wrap or shrink the text to fit to ensure the user can see it all - but I don't know that I've seen the text go larger than initially set up.  Are you able to share your .story file or even just a few slides with us here so that we can take a look? Also where are you viewing the published output? Have you uploaded to a particular LMS or server? You'll want to ensure you're viewing it in the intended environment using one of the supported browsers here. 

Michael O'Brien

Can't share the file but I'm running the html5 output on an up to date apache2 web server. On issue 2 the text isn't resizing. I've attached the design view and the hosted view. You can see the text hasn't resized and doesn't fully show the prefixed text before the variable reference

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

HI Michael,

Are you able to share a copy of the file privately? It's difficult to determine what is happening without being able to see how you've set up everything from your text box font sizing to the properties, to the variables themselves and then being able to publish/upload it ourselves. If you'd be able to share privately you can send along here as well. 

You'll also want to confirm that you're viewing the HTML5 output in one of the supported web browsers detailed here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Michael and I checked in on your case and it seems that it was sent along to our QA team for additional review after Rowie investigated further. Once there is additional information to share Rowie will be in touch as a part of your case, and I'll also include updates here - but as we cannot offer a time frame in regards to a fix, I appreciate your patience.